Sep 8, 2012

Earth's Weather

7a - Labs about Wind
Animate!  Coriolis Effect and Wind Direction
Animate!  Coriolis Effect and Global Wind Patterns
Animate!  Coriolis Effect and Global Ocean Current Patterns
Animate!  Air Pressure and Hitting Home-Runs
Animate!  Current U.S. Weather Map (isobars in WHITE)
Animate!  Barometric Pressure and Weather Patterns
Calculate!  Wind Chill
Investigate!  Which Way does the Wind Blow?
Investigate!  A Hot Air Balloon Flight!
Investigate!  What can you learn from a Thermometer?
Investigate!  Can you Predict Tomorrow's Weather?
Investigate!  The Blizzard of the Century!
Investigate!  The Jet Stream  Yearly Changes!

7b - Labs about Rain/Clouds
DATA!   Orographic Effect and Rain Shadows
INFO   Precipitation Extremes
INFO  Weatherbase Home Page
Animate!  Evaporation (step thru the lessons)
Animate!  Formation of Thunderstorms
Animate!  Formation of Hail
Animate!  Formation of Snowflakes
Animate!  Types of Precipitation
Animate!  The Orographic Effect
Animate!  Types of Fog
Calculate!  Cloud Base Height
CalculateDew point and Relative Humidity
Calculate!   Inches to Millibars (Pressure)

7c - Labs about Weather Patterns
INFO   Complete Weather Tutorial
Animate!  Interpreting Weather Station Models
Animate!  Fronts
Animate!  Air Masses

7d - Labs about Severe Weather
INFO  Major Hurricane Paths 1950-2007
INFO  The UV Index
INFO  Heat Waves
INFO  Severe Weather Fatalities (Graph)
INFO  Weather Folklore
INFO  Hurrican Sandy, By the Numbers!
Animate!  Hurricane Formation
Animate!  Tornado Formation
Video!  Wichita/Andover Tornado I
Video!  Hoover Prison Tornado
Video!  Stronger Hurricanes? (NOVA)
Video!  Hurricanes (Launch Video)

Baker's Drive / Get Folder
(note: may need to download to view)

Flash!  Winds, Global Planetary Wind Belts
Flash!  Winds, Coriolis Effect
Flash!  Fronts 1 - ALL
Flash!  Fronts 2 - Cold
Flash!  Fronts 3 - Warm
Flash!  Fronts 4 - Occluded
Flash!  Clouds, Base Height
Flash!  Clouds, Low Pressure Areas
Flash!  Clouds, Types of Precipitation
Flash!  Current Conditions  ???
Flash!  ESRT Charts

Video!  Circulation (H versus L)
Video!  Extreme Wind
Video!  High and Lows
Video!  Isobars
Video!  Weather Review
Video!  What Makes the Wind Blow
Video!  Wind Belts
Video!  Wind Chill and Heat Index
Video!  Carrying Capacity, RH, Cloud and Fog
Video!  Evaporation and Rel Humidity
Video!  Fog
Video!  Heat of Condensation
Video!  Hurricanes Tornadoes & T-storms
Video!  Intro To T-Storms and Latent Heat
Video!  Lightning Disasters
Video!  Lightning Strike
Video!  Lightning
Video!  Remove Heat by Vaporization
Video!  Summary of Rainwater
Video!  Water Vapor to Drops
Video!  What Makes Clouds
Video!  Air Mass
Video!  Fronts
Video!  Effects of Hurricane Andrew
Video!  Extreme Tornado, Biggest
Video!  Extreme Tornado, most in 1 day
Video!  Extreme Tornado, Most
Video!  Forecast Center in Norman, OK
Video!  Future of Killer Storms
Video!  Hoover, TX tornado with prison
Video!  Hurricane 101
Video!  Hurricane Katrina
Video!  Hurricane Power
Video!  Hurricane, Raging Planet
Video!  Intro to Tornadoes
Video!  Surviving a Tornado
Video!  Tornado Chasers
Video!  Tornado of La Plata, MD
Video!  Tornado of Manchester, SD
Video!  Tornado of McConnell Air Force Base
Video!  Tornado of Shamrock, TX
Video!  Tornado of Texas Panhandle
Video!  Tornado, NatGeo 1
Video!  Tornado, Raging Planet
Video!  Tornadoes on Doppler

PPT!   Air Pressure and Wind
PPT!  Moisture, Clouds, & Precipitation
PPT!  Severe Weather